The Beer Barbs bblogo_v1

Who are they? What are they?

The Beer Barbs is a “Virtual” band consisting of one singer/ songwriter, Barb Rzesutock.

The name comes from a joke that the more sips of beer that Barb has during recording, the more vocal tracks get added to a song. To add to the fun, Barb started creating personalities for the voices. So, you have Barbara Jean who is the lowest voice and plays the drums. Her personality is dark, like her tone. Barbara May is at the soprano end and is a little self involved. Barbara Sue is the hippie, mid-range voice and is assigned the cello. Barbara Joe is the joyful country girl playing the guitar and, finally, Barbara Anne is the lead vocal and banjo player.

First Group Pic of The Beer Barbs
First Group Pic of The Beer Barbs

Now, you can see the problem that since this band is virtual, there is no practical way to do live performances and it can get a bit lonely, even with the multiple personalities. So, Barb reached out and started a collaboration project with The Allegheny Ramblers based in West Virginia. The EP “Makin’ Tracks” was just released in August on CDBaby. 

The first song of the collaboration project was released earlier this year: “Great Day”

The Beer Barbs have their own website:

What’s next for  The Beer Barbs? Once the EP is released, it’s off to the green screen to create a Beer Barbs music video.

So, for the latest on the Beer Barbs, check out the website today.