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Third Rock Music Center

 The Vision

“Music is our life!  It’s in our blood.  We can’t imagine doing anything else…We want to be small and local so that we can respond quickly with expert advice and to support YOUR musical interests and needs.  We understand that being part of the Cincinnati music community means so much more than just hanging a guitar on the wall and slapping a price tag on it.  … we want to be actively involved in YOUR music world. …”


Third Rock Music center was born out of change; “when one door closes, another opens”. Greg Gammon and Tony Colwell had a shared vision to create the ultimate music store. This vision revolves around community. That is why it is a music CENTER, not just a store. On July 1, 2015 they started in a small office with lesson studios, maintaining support for their loyal customer base. In January 2016, they expanded to their current renovated location on Eight Mile, just off Beechmont Ave, in Anderson Township.

What sets Third Rock apart is their focus on integrating with musicians, promoting local music and inspiring the next generation of music enthusiasts. As Tony said “It’s all about the experience… music stores were meant to be a place to come and hangout”. Between Greg and Tony and their expert staff, there is over 100 years of experience for customers to tap into!


Quality Selection and Support 

 “Getting expert advice from the beginning will save you time, money and prevent creative frustration. We offer exceptional service and advice for everything from which strings to put on your instrument, or what guitar pedal will take you to the edge of the cliff, or custom sound reinforcement solutions (including design, installation and application). We are confident that we have the answers and products to help you.” 

The brands they carry and offer are the best in the industry. They choose not to cut corners when it comes to quality. “We have had many years sifting through product lines and offerings and will continue to offer the finest on the market.”

 Ongoing Events

A short list highlighting some of their events to date:

  • Live music shows – Megan Wren, Murial Anderson, David Becker, NKU R&B Combo 
  • Pedal Day- This whole day is dedicated to pedals, pedal-boards, and how to make them work.
  • Acoustifest- Live performances, Demonstrations, Guitars and Swag to be given away through out the day
  • Country Guitar Workshop-  exploring and talking about amps, pedals, and of course guitars
  • Bluegrass Circle Jam Session- biweekly open jam session for all ages and abilities
  • David Gilmour Academy Guitar Clinic- Guitar instructor and performer Jon Stankorb has spent over two decades replicating the sound and style of David Gilmour – the acclaimed guitarist from Pink Floyd.
  • Seminar: An Overview of Music Law- John Sheil, attorney and  musician presented a free 1 hr. seminar on how to navigate through the minefield of legal do’s and don’ts as a gigging musician, from copyrights to contracts


 Talented Instructors

“Our teachers are world class and offer many lessons to turn your musical dreams into reality.” The Third Rock instructor team consists of a talented pool of expert musicians. Whether you are a beginner or advanced, Third Rock can provide the right instructor to keep growing your skills. The list of lesson types is long, from voice and guitar to drums and saxophones. Be sure to check out their webpage for list and details.

A Great Place to Explore and Hangout

Everyone who visits Third Rock are impressed with the quality of merchandise, service and environment they find there. If you haven’t already, you should stop by, explore and hangout with the Third Rock Gang. Add some real fun to your day!

1232 Eight Mile Road,   Cincinnati Ohio 45255     513-843-5739







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