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 Meet the Sweet Maple Singers

Robbie Mann (a.k.a. “Dr. Fiddle”) – Fiddle & Mandolin and Jasper Mae Corcoran (a.k.a. “Jasper Night”) – Pedal & Folk Harp 

With their uniquely combined skills of harp pickin’ and fiddle playin’, Jasper Night and Robbie Mann share the music they love with a repertoire ranging from Traditional Folk music to more progressive feel-good songs.

 Their friend, guitarist John Devine, will enhance Sweet Maple Singers sound with his remarkable and intuitive musical abilities when he’s not away providing music for folk dances or tending to his homestead with wife, Leslie, at Wind Dance Farm Earth and Education Center  in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia.  John has been singing and playing guitar for dances, concerts, school programs and workshops for over thirty years – it is his profession and what he loves to do.  Noted as an exceptional singer graced with talented guitar playing, and a delightful sense of humor, he has traveled and played extensively independently and with numerous folk artists and groups.

Sweet Maple Singers is the ear candy you didn’t even know your life was missing!

Meet Jasper… 

Influenced at a very early age by the melodic sounds of The Carpenters and Peter, Paul, & Mary, Jasper Mae Corcoran, “aka Jasper, Song of the Night,” found her heart at home with the messages and melodies of the progressive folk music of the 60’s and 70’s. During the joyous occasion of her parents’ wedding vow renewal, she was first exposed to the glistening sounds of the Irish folk harp; “enamored,” was the word her parents used to – and still – describe her fascination with the instrument. Shortly after, her loving mum signed her up for a basket full of lessons and gifted to her an Irish folk harp. It was love ever since. Later, after graduating to the pedal harp, Jasper continued to play the songs that rang true within her heart, performing solo and later with a series of bands, including SpiritStone and Sweet Maple Singers. “My favorite part is bringing smiles to the people who hear my songs at faerie festivals as I play the part of the Elven bard. I sincerely couldn’t be any happier.”

 Meet Robbie…

Since his parents gave him his first fiddle for his sixth birthday, Robbie Mann has built his life around the instrument, holding the styles of Old-Time and Traditional Bluegrass nearest to his heart, while also being particularly fond of Classical, Jazz, Blues, and Rock’n’Roll. After completing an apprenticeship in Traditional Old-Time music under Master Fiddler Joe Herrmann and earning a Baccalaureate in Bluegrass Music under the mentorships of legendary musician Buddy Griffin and GSC’s Megan Darby, Robbie set out to wander the continent with fiddle in hand. Since embarking on his aimless journey, Robbie has been deemed the honorary title of “Dr. Fiddle,” and performs with Sweet Maple Singers, Brokedown Hustlers, The Allegheny Ramblers, and Breakneck Creek, and has been blessed to meet his love, Jasper.

 After meeting, Jasper and Robbie’s love for each other and making music together have created the basis for their sugary band, Sweet Maple Singers. When asked about the band name, Jasper replies, “I remember we wanted to start making music together as a duet, but we didn’t know what to call ourselves. We were doing some picking at this gorgeous park one Autumn afternoon in central West Virginia, when I found myself absolutely enamored with the vibrant colors of a tree. Robbie told me it was a Sugar Maple. Inspired, I expressed to him that I would absolutely love to have the word “Maple” in our band name simply because of the precious memories I had spending time in Vermont as a child with my family listening to live Bluegrass. Shortly after, he suggested, “How about ‘Sweet Maple Singers?’”

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  1. Mark paich says:

    Love this melody, almost put me in a trance like state. Incredible!!

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