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Meaghan Farrell

Meet Meaghan Farrell

She’s a talented singer-songwriter, currently living and performing in Nashville and beyond, while recording energetic and inspiring original music. To quote from her Facebook page, her music “speaks of day to day living, the struggles, the conflict, and the inevitable surge of happiness we discover on the way to our dreams.”

She was born in the hills of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, the youngest of two. Her older sister, Bryden, lives back in their hometown and is very active in the theatre community.  Her Mom and Dad was very involved in the community theatre; her Dad as musical director and teacher, and her Mom acted in many of the plays.  It seems to run in the family. The stage was where Meaghan got her first taste of music, performing and the energy of the theatre. Her first love was and is the performing arts.  Singing has always been Meaghan’s first instrument, the guitar wouldn’t come until years later when she started writing music at the ripe old age of 28. “I would never have guessed that I would write music, I always thought I was going to be in the theatre.”

 Meaghan moved to Nashville, TN after a long and beloved life in New York City. “I first started writing songs after overcoming a  battle with substance and alcohol abuse, and through sobriety, found that music was my savior. Realizing that through this expression of myself in words, singing and performing, I could possibly heal myself and help others.”

When asked who her musical influences are, Meaghan says “I would have to say that Stevie Nicks and Alanis Morissette shaped and inspired me in huge ways. I had seen Fleetwood Mac’s episode of ‘Behind the music’ and was blown away by the story of how Stevie wrote ‘Landslide’. I always wondered where the songs and  stories came from and that questioned was answered by her. Alanis, well, she was the embodiment of feminine power in a time that really needed it. She would then blow my mind when I saw her live in 1996 with my sister. She was, and still is, the best live show I’ve ever seen. I will always ask myself,’What would Alanis do?’ when I’m putting an album together.”

Another striking feature about Meaghan are her rose tattoos. “My first rose tattoo is on my wrist, and I got it right after I wrote ‘Long Stem Red Rose’.”






When asked to name one of her Pet-peeves, ” Hmmmmmm, I would have to say people who can not, or will not, accept responsibility for their own actions.  That and lack of cleanliness,lol!”

Meet Meaghan’s Little Loves

Ziggy Stardust
Harry (Grey) and William (Black)

 Ziggy Stardust, William and Harry

“After my beloved cat of 13 years, Ziggy Stardust passed away, I was alone for about a month when I realize that she would always be with me , and that I had so much more love to give to cats that need a forever home. After two weekends spent searching shelters, I came across two kittens. One who was very little but so full of noise and energy, and another single baby boy, who was quiet and reserved. They each stole my heart in different ways. After struggling with names, the news came on and it was the anniversary of Princess Diana’s death. She was a huge inspiration to me and I wanted to honor her and so I named my boys William and Harry! Harry( grey) William (black)”

Meaghan’s Music

 Her first LP “Waitress” was written in 2009 and released in 2010 and produced by the brilliant Marc Osborn. This album contains the first songs that Meaghan had ever written. Each song filled with her life as a newly sober, broken-hearted waitress in a busy New York City restaurant.

 “Seeing Clearly Now” is her sophomore EP (released in 2012) and embraced life after the party and all the emotions that come with it. Also produced by Marc Osborn, this record explores having a bad day, dating in an electronic age, falling in love for the first time, and the dream of moving to Nashville to become a star told in the song “I Will”.

 After realizing she wasn’t quite done with NYC yet, Meaghan teamed up with the production duo of Chad Elrod and Pete Recine (Man in a Crowd) to release her Pop/Rock EP “East Coast Girl” where Meaghan sang of her hometown, lazy lovers, her battle with anxiety attacks and the power that positivity can bring to yourself and the world. Plus, a fierce platinum blonde haircut 😉

 Now in Nashville, Meaghan has writen her truest words yet, playing alongside some of the most influential songwriters in town. Gathering strength from a community of musicians and new found friends that continue to raise the bar. Meaghan has released “Long Shot” this past May 2017!!  Filled with co-writers like Jimmy Fortune ( The Statler Brothers) Ariel Lask and Andy Mac, and produced by one of the best, Dave Bechtel (Nick Howard, Buddy Brown) this record is on track to open doors and show the music community  that Meaghan is here to stay.

When asked what her favorite original song would be, Meaghan replied “I would have to go with ‘Long Stem Red Rose’. That song came after my first real heartbreak. And, I had no intention of it becoming a female empowerment song. It was just a song I needed to help me get through it and stay sober. It helped me and helped a lot of female fans feel good about themselves. I’m very proud of that.”

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Also available on CDBabyAmazon, and iTunes

Meaghan’s Links

Website: https://www.meaghanfarrell.com/

Facebook page (@officialmeaghanfarrell )https://www.facebook.com/officialmeaghanfarrell/

Music Videos:  Meaghan Farrell’s YouTube Channel

Album Tracks:  Meaghan Farrell Topic on YouTube

Twitter: https://twitter.com/megfarrellmusic

ReverbNation: https://www.reverbnation.com/meaghanfarrell


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