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The Kevin McCoy Band

The Kevin McCoy Band, KMB, was formed in 2013 with a goal to be the best Country Rock Band in Cincinnati.  The band has established a strong presence on the local club scene (and has also done several out-of-town dates), armed with a boatload of cover tunes by artists ranging from Johnny Cash and Eric Church to Tom Petty, Keith Urban and ZZ Top. Their energetic performances keep their fans dancin’, singin’ and clappin’, changing the way people perceive country music… Loud-N-Proud!  The band members are Kevin McCoy, Lee Dixon, Caleb Campbell, Brad Bellamy, and Daniel Lucas.

 “It’s Not a Revolution, It’s an Evolution“: Starting with covers, they couldn’t stop themselves from writing and forming their  own sound.  Featured in a CityBeat article, their Debut Album,  “Redneck-n-Roll”, was released in March 26 2016 with 10 original KMB songs showcasing Kevin McCoy Band’s style, which gave the album its title and is further self-described as “a fusion of Rockabilly, Country, Country Western, Southern Rock, Blues and hard-driving Rock & Roll.”

Quoting from one fan, Leonard Bunky Brandenburg: ” The unique sound of these guys doing covers from ZZ Top to Conway Twitty and their own stand-out ORIGINAL tunes caught us so off guard we stood there for half a set in a R&R trance of epic proportions. ”

 Meet Kevin McCoy – Lead Singer 

Kevin was born in Lima, Ohio and started singing in 3rd grade. He’s performed for many crowds including President Bush and has even sung on the Grand Ole Opry Stage! Favorite singers include Travis Tritt and Ronnie Dunn. Kevin plays rhythm guitar, piano and drums. He has always written songs: “the Songwriting process is a way of escaping and a good platform to express myself … with the band it’s awesome to go from what’s inside my head to a finished product.” Kevin has an outstanding live vocal ability and stage presence.

 Meet Lee Dixon – Lead guitar

Lee was born in Cincinnati, Ohio and got his musical start in Huntington, Indiana. At 14, his guitar teacher asked him to join his country band and Lee hasn’t looked back since. Not only is he obsessed with his guitar but also plays bass, drums and is a singer/songwriter! He knows a lot about playing music along with the care and selection of instruments as part of the Third Rock Music Center expert team.   Lee met Caleb at Live Oaks School and they have been playing together for 25 years.  From 2007 to 2010, Caleb and Lee were in a band called “Another Tragedy” with John Chapman as lead singer . In 2007, “Another Tragedy” had a deal in the UK with Zebra 3 Records.  Lee met Kevin through Kevin’s band ad in 2013. They hit it off, finding they both had the same vision, enthusiasm and drive. Thus, The Kevin McCoy Band was born.

 Meet Caleb Campbell – Percussionist

Caleb was born in 1973 in Cincinnati, Ohio to a large musical family. “Mom and dad are Hazard Kentucky royalty and I’m the youngest of six. My two older brothers also play drums. I have always tinkered with the drums but officially started playing when I was 11 when I joined the school band.”  The school band was great formal training exposing Caleb to every sort of percussion instrument and a variety of music genres from classical to jazz.  At home the music selection was varied as well, from bluegrass, classic country, pop, dance, hard rock , metal and everything in between.  At 15, he started jamming with his brother’s psychedelic blues/rock band.  Besides playing the drums, Caleb plays the guitar and bass, sings and raises kids and chickens in his backyard. (“Actually my favorite breed is the French Marans because they are so chill and they lay a really dark egg that’s super tasty.”)

Meet Brad Bellamy – Bassist 

Brad was born in 1976 in Cincinnati and attended Glen Este High School in Clermont County, Ohio. He was in the “Helifino” Band playing a pajama show (and yes, wearing his PJ’s) when he met Lee and Caleb in 2005. Brad has been playing bass for 27 years , can also strum a guitar , dabble in keys and vents on drums. Favorite bands range from Hank Williams Sr to Black Sabbath to Johnny Cash to Blind Melon. He is obsessed with his LP record collection and currently has over 500 albums from floor to ceiling. When not walking a bass line, he likes to ride his Harley Davidson Street Glide motorcycle.

 Meet Daniel Lucas – Damn Keyboardist

Daniel was born in Orlando, Florida. “I picked up a snare drum in 5th grade and a baritone saxophone in 6th. At 11, I started learning the drum kit and managed to pick up the bass and lastly, the keyboard. Oddly enough, the keyboard was the one instrument I absolutely hated but would ultimately become my strongest talent.” He adds “I’ve been told I need a filter installed between my brain and my mouth, and I love anything to do with hot sauce, to the point of throwing back shots of straight Tabasco.” (Side note: He wanted a distinctive title because “…  I’m the damned keyboard player.” So, to make him happy…)

Their Debut Album: “Redneck-n-Roll, released March 2016

Kevin, Caleb and Lee co-wrote their debut album of 10 original songs. It was recorded at Blackwater Sound in Loveland, Ohio with Ryan Marcotte as the engineer and producer. The album is available for sample listening and purchase on their website: https://www.kevinmccoyband.com/

Listen now to a quick Sampler:

“In Case You Missed It”

The Kevin McCoy Band was caught live at Jimmy B’s Bar & Grill in April. Check out the video short, just in case you missed it…

What’s Next… 

The guys are currently working on their next album targeting Spring 2018, so stay tuned…

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