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The Brokedown Hustlers

This original, energetic acoustic band from Sleepy Creek, West Virginia writes and plays all their own original material. In their own words, “Conceived in a tree, born in a campfire, the Brokedown Hustlers are an acoustic band of the truest grit and originality. Singing tales of mischief, heartache, and lawless debauchery, the band blends cleverly crafted lyrics with original acoustic composition, creating a style all their own. … By no means are they just another stringband. Expect a complete listening experience, paired with a lively performance, full of energy, improvisation, and crowd interaction.”

The band was formed in 2012 by August West and Tennessee Jed . The story goes as follows: ” August began contacting Jed to see if he would ever be interested in putting music to the hundreds of lyrics August had written. Next thing you know August appears in Asheville, NC, where Jed had been living.  They then break down in said van, name the band they had yet to start, hitch a ride to Black Mountain, and proceed to drink, sing an early version of Yellow Roses, and begin writing new songs that very same night. After that there was no looking back.”

From The Brokedown Hustlers’ website: “Then towards the end of 2013, August and Jed moved the band to the eastern panhandle of West Virginia. It was there they met up with the next crop of soon to be Hustlers, all friends that would stand in at times when touring. The band settled down once again and started perfecting their sound and stage show. Before you knew  it they were appearing at many festivals and venues throughout the region. The band continues with its current lineup today and they don’t plan on slowing down anytime soon.”

The band members are August West, Tennessee Jed, Barely Garcia, Dr. Fiddle, and Philthy Lush. Let’s meet them…

Meet August West –  Lyrical Gunslinger

August West - Photo by Kenneth Lee

August West is the band’s frontman and is from Funkstown, Md. He founded the band in 2012 with Tennessee Jed. They had grown up near each other in the Hagerstown, MD area. He wrote his first song when he was about 5 years old and hasn’t stopped since. He was strongly influenced by Bob Dylan and, as a Virgo,  he’s never met a pie he didn’t eat. His favorite creation  so far is Yellow Roses.


Tennessee Jed - Photo by Jordan August

 Meet Tennessee Jed – Guitar, Harp

Jed is originally from Tennessee and then moved  to Hagerstown, MD area after 3rd grade .  “I first played trumpet and tuba growing up and have been influenced by everything since. And yes. I mean everything.” He says he was born under the sign of “Bubbles” and I’m not sure what solar system that is from…. He doesn’t mind a piece of pie every now and then, sometimes lemon, sometimes coconut. Of all their songs to date, he says “I’m a sucker for the slow ones. So maybe The Hike  or Or Days Before (Not yet released ) is his favorite. “…but really a big fan of them all and I hate playing favorites”.

Meet Barely Garcia- Guitar, Banjo

Barely Garcia Photo by Jordan August

Barely is originally from Hagerstown, MD area. He started playing music at around 12 years old. He is a Sagittarius (same as Bruce Lee and Brad Pitt). “Lots of punk rock and metal stuff” has had the greatest influence on his musical style. As far as pie, his favorite is wineberry pie. Of all their songs they play, he loves their newest song, not yet released,  Highway #1.



 Meet Dr. Fiddle – Fiddle & Mandolin

Dr. Fiddle - Photo by Kenneth LeeDr. Fiddle (a.k.a. Robbie) is originally from Berkeley Springs. He started playing music at around 6 years of age. He has now been studying music for over 17 years, with a particular fondness for the fiddling styles of Traditional Appalachian music. “I was influenced by a lot of the music heard growing up in that community.” Secret sources tell us that Dr. Fiddle is a Capricorn. Capricorns are defined by their hardworking, charming and creative qualities.  As far as pie, “I like many species of pie – a few examples include pecan pie, pot pie, pizza pie, and key lime”. Of all their songs they play, his favorites are Will Not Affect You (not yet released), Hellcat Maggie, and Try To Smile.

 Meet Philthy Lush – Upright Bass

Philthy Lush - Photo by Kenneth Lee

Mr Philthy is from Walkersville, MD. His first instrument at age 8 was harmonica given to him by a member of a bluegrass band that played a party at his family home and he started playing  stringed instruments at 31.  He says “Hank Jr, outlaw country, bluegrass early, Dead, Zep, metal in teens” has all had influences on him musically. Born a  Gemini, his favorite pie is shoo fly pie. If he had to choose, which he does, his favorite Brokedown Hustler songs are Hellcat Maggie,  Lawless,  Goddamn the Man, and But I’m Dry.


The Brokedown Hustlers’ tunes will grab your soul possessing you to move your feet, bob your head and sing along (hopefully for the guy standing next to you, close to pitch). Take time to listen to the lyrics carefully and check out one of their videos to see for yourself what everyone has been buzzing about and “expect a complete listening experience, paired with a lively performance, full of energy, improvisation, and crowd interaction”.

The band has 3 Albums/EPs  released that you need to add to your collection:

“There Goes the Neighborhood” released 2016

“Blessin’ the Woods On Fire (Live)” released 2014

and “Baptized in Sin” Released  2012.

All are available on CD Baby , Amazon and Bandcamp

 Be Sure to Visit The Brokedown Hustler sites:



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