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 Meet Cull Hollow

Cull Hollow is a talented Acoustic Duo from Kentucky 

  • Mickey McAdams – Vocals/Guitar
  • Jordan Bennett – Banjo/Backing Vocals

Mickey and Jordan are actually step-brothers. Their parents started dating while they were in middle school and their mutual love of music over the years led to the formation of Cull Hollow.

Their live performance includes “The Guitar vs. Banjo Show” which is a project that they started in order to challenge each other to work as a duo to produce music that replicates a full band feel and sound with just two instruments. They also use this project as a way of improving their musicianship. “We try to challenge each other throughout our performances by improvising, building off of and reacting to each other’s improvisations.”  The brothers use the Guitar vs. Banjo show as a vehicle to showcase their Kentucky virtuosity.

From their webpage: “As a musical operation not easily classified, Cull Hollow was never interested in subscribing to the norms of bluegrass music. Emerging from diverse musical backgrounds, both members of the Kentucky-based duo forged the coalition with determined spirits and a desire to break down any and all barriers that separated them from creating their ideal brand of acoustic music.”

Back in 2014, the boys started to collaborate on their songwriting to produce a colorful and energetic sound rooted in bluegrass. They draw on their background in traditional, bluegrass, rock and jazz music to create a delightful and entertaining performance.

The duo has played a variety of shows throughout the states of Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky and they are equally at home playing music festivals as well as smaller, intimate venues. Simply put, they just love to play.

 Meet Mickey McAdams

Mickey McAdams, the duo’s guitarist and lead vocalist, grew up in a musical household listening to the sounds of rural America as far back as he can recall. Mickey’s love of music spans multiple genres from traditional to rock and jazz. The different styles helped him fine tune his approach to music performance and composition. From their webpage:”The guitarist’s immersive  study of the instrument’s legendary wielders has resulted in a technically sound, yet thoroughly unique approach to 6-string wizardry.”

 Meet Jordan Bennett

Jordan Bennett, Cull Hollow’s  banjoist and background vocalist,  first developed his interest in music playing rock and metal music.  Jordan received a degree in music from the University of Louisville studying jazz and classical guitar.  This diverse musical background brings a unique flavor to his “banjo-pickin’ “.

Again from the Cull Hollow website: “It was through intense jams and writing sessions in the basement of a log cabin in Corbin, Kentucky that the roots of Cull Hollow began to take hold.”

Latest Release – “Missing My Melody”

Mickey McAdams, the lead singer and guitarist, wrote “Missing My Melody” about his ex-girlfriend who’s first name happen to be Melody. The song was written a year before Cull Hollow was actually formed. After hearing Mickey randomly playing it at a practice, Jordan Bennett took interest in the song and wanted to include it into their set. It was one of the first songs that the duo began working on for Cull Hollow. “The “Missing My Melody” video was shot primarily in the woods surrounding our parent’s home in Corbin, KY and in parts of the Daniel Boone National Forrest. We spent a couple of days hiking throughout these wooded areas trying to find ideal shots that accentuated the beauty of the forests in Corbin. The banjo clips on the rocky peninsula were shot while a fishing tournament was taking place on Laurel Lake. In between takes, we conversed with several of the fisherman that were on boats taking part in the competition. ”   

Check out their latest Music Video “Missing My Melody” on their YouTube Channel.

See where Cull Hollow is playing next

Visit Cull Hollow’s website to purchase their latest tracks : “Dusty Roads” and “Missing My Melody”.

These tracks are currently just stand alone songs, but they may be included in a full length or extended play in the future.

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