Building a Better Site

October 2016

Sept Moon

Well, I finally had it with the old hosting service and moved to Dreamhost. It is soooo much better!

I haven’t finished adding all the tabs but I have completed the basic structure. With Dreamhost and WordPress and all the groovy plug-ins you can get, I finally feel I have all the tools I need to improve and grow the site.

I’m looking forward to any constructive feedback and comments that might be coming my way.

In the spirit of October, I found this artist that carves the most interesting pumpkin faces and shows you how it’s done, step by step. I did share on the Pinefield Farm Facebook page but I’m sure it is long lost on everyone’s news feed. So, to make our lives easier, here it is again.

Presenting  Paulo Machado’s Pumpkins

I have 2 pumpkins we got at A&M Orchard the other week waiting for me to try this. If you find this inspiring or have your own approach, send me a picture and I’ll post it here to share with everyone.

Happy Carving!



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